Valentines Day 2018 wishes

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Tanki Online – Valentine’s Day 2018 Special #1 – Fight for Gold Box in Space Mode

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1) Daniel Rosty & Sash_S – See The Stars
2) Medii – Woman On Hearth


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  1. another awesome video ghost keep it up 😛

  2. мой канал рекламировать? bro

  3. couldnt even catch one XD, i seem to have the worst luck with golds, really good video tho

  4. Bro i wish you the best i like your Videos your the best 😉😊🤗

  5. What do you use to record your videos?

  6. I am going to rank up, can you record it please?

  7. 祝大家春节快乐,狗年快乐~~

  8. so can you drop 1 gold for me pls

  9. i was Thar but i had to eat diner

  10. Damn Ghost Animator has good graphics and has smooth gameplay. I have to do smooth gameplay and minimal graphics

  11. Thank you for dropping golds, sorry I took a few. Skills fam I am swagger dagger don't try me homie I'll take all your golds and you'll cry do not try this… (Cringe)

  12. Grape and Mrs. Victoria were both in one of my battles!!!!

  13. Good video by my bro Ghost Animator TO like Brooo like

  14. Bro I really enjoy ur videos because ur not like other YouTubers who put a really cool thumbnail just for people to watch their boring stupid videos for views and money but ur not like that ur a much better person and a more sensible one 😁😁🙂☺️

  15. Mrs. victoria and Its Larry caught all of them up to 4:50

  16. <3 good ( hate fact that i missed it but doesnt matter) keep it uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup <3

  17. Dude, you're a Perfect spectator😎😊
    Perfect edit 😍👌👍

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