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What I Gifted for Valentines Day | VALENTINES DAY 2018

For Valentines Day I’m all about Traditions come see what traditions I’m carrying on!!! I hope you all have a HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!! HUGS to you all!!!!


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Palmdale, Ca., 93551

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  1. I love traditions and what a "sweet" one this is <3

  2. Omg I wasn't prepared for Alli's reaction to her gift….talk about tear jerker! How sweet to see a child so appreciative of their gifts. Love family traditions! Tyfs 👍🏼😊❤️

  3. Ally's reaction to her gift, oh my goodness! What a sweetheart! ❤️I love See's Chocolates too. I look forward to the box that arrives in the mail every Christmas from my husband's travel agency.

  4. Love when you share stories of your mom Kelly. Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Bless Alli’s Little heart. What a thrill to give someone something so loved and appreciated

  6. Oh know…I almost started crying myself. XOXO

  7. Your Daughter's reaction 😍😍 I was hoping you posted the reaction.

  8. Do you have a links to the chocolates. We are chocoalcholics

  9. Bit late watching but you have melted my heart with this one I know how it feels to be with out a mom and your love of tradition it was heart warming and it made me want to cry when Allie opens her gift you have a wonderful family xxxxx

  10. Everything about you guys is Stinkin' Cute! <<<<<Maybe this is could be the title of your next Vlog! I love love love you all & your home is so warm & inviting! You are doing an amazing job as a Mom raising your children! Tfs & God bless!:)

  11. Thank you Kelly that chocolate looks delicious!!! Allie almost made me 😢 precious little girl you have.. thank you again and I thank God for Dollar Tree!!! God bless you and your family ❤️

  12. Sweet baby love. You did good Mama.

  13. Ohhh Kelly I'm 😢 with Alli. I have never seen those chocolates.

  14. Aww my eyes got watery too when she cried 😢so cute. Love this tradition and sees candy

  15. I too cried with Allie! Bless her heart 💓. I love the idea of traditions.. what a great way to reflect on priceless memories. Happy belated Valentine's Day!

  16. Do you have a link for the candy? My husband is a candy fanatic

  17. Oh Lord, Alli was adorable. She loved.

  18. Just watched the video. Thank you bunches. 😗

  19. Jealous, othing like See’s Candies. Love them, I used to live in California and miss them. None in Miami.

  20. How “sweet” both the video and of course the candy! Sees candy is my favorite, esp. the pops! Unfortunately we don’t have Sees near where we live so when I’m in a city that does, I stock up!

  21. OHHHHHHHH ALLIE!!!!! HOW STINKIN ADORABLE WAS THAT!!! I love how you include the entire family on VDay.

  22. See's is the best, you are such a wonderful mom and wife.

  23. her reaction was priceless. Had me tearing up too.

  24. That was awesome. I loved Allie she brought tears to my eyes. They are so full of such innocents . Could you tell me we're and if I am able to order the coffee suckers? I love anything coffee. Also I couldn't find the tree you made. Is there a link to it? Did her teacher love it? Thank you patti

  25. I love Bordeaux chocolate from See's candies!!! It is my favorite and milk chocolate is the best to me lol!!

  26. Thumbs up to everyone who was so touched! I think the puppy corn people need to see that. That was so wonderful to see. Thank her for all of us!

  27. I so teared up when Allie got her anicorn! It was really a heart's desire for her come true. So precious.

  28. I love that Allie reacted that way, it shows that shes not spoiled and appreciates whats given to her. I think when you spoil your kids with tons of gifts they get over whelmed.

  29. Awe… she brought me to tears, when she opened her gift.

  30. That was so stinkin' precious of your little girls reaction 😍

  31. I cried with your daughter. Those were tears of joy❤ See's Bordeaux is the bomb. Good taste❤

  32. Awww, she loved her unicorn,,, it brought tears to my eyes !!!  All the gifts looked very special and full of Love !!!  TFS

  33. Hi, do you have the website to the chocolate that you gotten? Thank you

  34. I couldn't find the light boxes at my 99 cent store here in Las Vegas, BUT I found one in AZ!!!!! What a fun thing to have. They had a ton of them. LOVED your Valentine's Day video. Today is my birthday and tomorrow would have been my brothers. I lost him two years ago SO we were the same age for one day–today is always a special day for me. Your baby girl made my day!!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  35. I love love the light box…. Alli's face is priceless…. THANK YOU FOR SHARING

  36. Ah, Ali's reaction was priceless. She made me cry. Happy Valentines Day!!

  37. Love your ideas for gifts they are truly from the heart. Happy Valentine's day.

  38. What kind of chocolate were you talking about? I didn't understand sorry 😞
    TYSVM for sharing
    Pat from Arkansas in pats playhouse

  39. Beautiful act and traditional memory to your mom ❤ Happy Valentine's Day ❤👍🌺🌼🌻⚘

  40. O my gosh that little allie is adorable. I'm afraid if that was my baby I'd be bankrupt buying her things just to see her that happy and grateful . Thanks for sharing with us.

  41. What a great idea
    Thank you for your share
    Hugs and cuddles from Milton Keynes UK

  42. Your daughter is the sweetest! I almost shed a happy tear with her! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your beautiful family <3 <3

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